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Why should I purchase home insurance?

Your home is one of your largest investments. Protect it!  Not only does home insurance protect your property and personal belongings from damage, it also provides coverage should you harm another person or their personal belongings.

Is Home Insurance Necessary?

Home Insurance is not required by law in Canada; however, it is often a requirement when obtaining loans from banks or mortgage companies.

Property insurance coverage options

  • Fire
  • Personal property
  • Property damage
  • Personal liability
  • Personal injury
  • Living expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Jewelry and collectibles
  • Collectible cars
  • Flood
  • Wine
  • Miscellaneous Coverage

Insurance for you

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Homeowner Insurance

Protect your most valuable asset and contents with home insurance.

Condo Insurance

Your condo building is insured but it won't protect your belongings, improvements to your unit or from liability.

Tenant Insurance

As a renter, your belongings and your personal liability are not covered under your landlord's policy.

Rental Property Insurance

A home occupied by yourself is different from one you use to generate income. Protect your investment with rental property insurance.

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