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About your Vehicles
example: "2020 Honda CRV"
example: 12km
example: total 2, 1) Stop sign on DD/MM/YYY, 2) Speeding 15 km on DD/MM/YYY
example: total 2, 1) DD/MM/YYY, 2) DD/MM/YYY
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Should I buy car insurance?

Auto insurance is required by law in Canada. Penalties for driving without auto insurance may include fines up to $50 000, a suspended license, and an impounded vehicle. Don’t put yourself at risk!

Factors that may affect your car insurance premium

  • Your vehicle’s make, model, year
  • Type of coverage and deductible chosen
  • Where you live
  • Your age and driving record
  • and more!

How do I get the most out of my auto insurance?

  • When comparing insurance policies, take into account the different coverages, endorsements, limits, and exclusions. Price is not the only factor!
  • Consider lowering your coverage by opting out of comprehensive and collision benefits if your car is at a certain age
  • Ask about seasonal promotions or discounts – drivers with a good driving record and anti theft preventative measures on their vehicle are often eligible for discounted rates
  • If you have home insurance or additional vehicles with an insurance provider, using the same provider may decrease the cost across your policies
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Motorcycle Insurance

New or experienced riders, we have the product that protects you on the road.

Classic Car Insurance

You don't drive your classic car like your daily driver so why pay the same insurance premium.

Electric Car Insurance

Get rewarded for making an eco-conscious decision. You could qualify for green discounts with your electric vehicle.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Use your vehicle for work? Depending on your usage you may need business auto insurance.

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*Note: You will be directed to our main office website at BrokerTeam Insurance