Top 10 most stolen vehicles in Toronto in 2021

List of the top 10 most frequently stolen vehicles in the city of Toronto in 2021, according to information released by the Toronto Police Service.

1. Honda CR-V (654 incidents)
2. Lexus Rx350 (418 incidents)
3. Honda Civic (260 incidents)
4. Land Rover Range Rover (225 incidents)
5. Toyota Highlander (200 incidents)
6. Ford F150 (176 incidents)
7. Honda Accord (145 incidents)
8. Toyota Corolla (123 incidents)
9. Toyota Rav4 (70 incidents)
10. Hyundai Elantra (62 incidents)

How can you reduce the risk of vehicle theft?

After parking, remember to lock the doors and windows. Do not leave any valuables in visible sight. If you are at home, park your car in the garage as much as possible and install anti-theft equipment. Car owners can also consider adding locks such as a steering wheel lock.


Source: Toronto Police Service