Pink auto insurance card goes digital for Ontario drivers

680news “Our government has committed to making life easier for Ontario people,” Finance Minister Rod Phillips said in a release. “That is why this government is making auto insurance more convenient by giving drivers the option of showing their proof of auto insurance electronically, so that drivers can access their …

How to Get Kids to Listen

How to Get Kids to Listen John Rosemond 4.7M Views Why is it so hard for so many parents and teachers to get kids to do as they are told? Because too many adults have followed some very bad advice. Family psychologist John Rosemond offers some useful tips on how to get …

Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N?

Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N? John Rosemond 3.9M+ Views If you’re a parent, is your child getting enough Vitamin N? It may be the most important thing you can give them. But what exactly does Vitamin N do? Watch this video to find out. source: PragerU

Why Trump Won

Script: I was elected to the Parliament of Canada seven times—three times as Prime Minister. I did not expect Donald Trump to be elected President of the United States. But unlike most observers, I did think it was at least possible. Why?